An Appeal
Tulsi or tulasi is a sacred plant for Hindus and is worshipped by Hindus as the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. There is a strong belief that all the holy water streams are situated at the bottom of the plant Tulasi, all the deities are embodied in the plant, all the Vedas dwell within the Tulasi. Shree Tulasi is revered as a deity of mental-physical health rejuvenation. Owing to its sacredness Shree Krishna, the ‘Avatar’ of Lord Mahavishnu feels pleased when devotees offer Tulasi leaves. Without Tulasi every pooja will be incomplete. In submissive way and with great faith if we offer a single leaf of Tulasi to the Lord we can earn Koti Punyas by its virtuous power.
If lakhs of leaves offered to God waive off the sins of many people, then crores of Tulsi leaves may earn crores of Punyas which wash away the sins of many more crores of people and make them lead a blessed and prosperous life. “Koti Namarchana” is a ritual in which crores of Tulasi leaves will be offered for the welfare of the entire universe. This sacred Archana also spreads awareness regarding planting and worship of the sacred Tulasi in every Hindu house for the prosperity of the home. On this behalf, we take initiative to make the devotees understand the importance of Koti Namarchana and also request you to plant Tulasi plants at your house premises and bring those Tulasi leaves to the “Shree Koti Namarchana” which will be commencing from April 20th to 29th 2012 for 10 days at the spiritual arena of Lord Shree Gopalakrishna.

We humbly request you to offer atleast 108 leaves of Tulasi to waive off huge sins of previous birth and gain Punya. We expect all the spiritual institutions, community groups, women organizations and a huge group of devotees to participate and offer Shree Tulasi on this auspicious occasion and pray to God to protect the universe.
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